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Reasons for the Sudden Onset of Adult Cystic Acne

Contrary to the popular belief, acne is a skin condition that can be experienced by people long after when time when they were teenagers. More often than not, the sudden outburst of cystic acne for adult occurs among adult women that have not had problems before. Even though you may have had clear, smooth skin during your teenage years, it does not exempt you from developing a sudden onset of adult cystic acne.

There are a number of reasons dermatologists have determined that may contribute to the sudden onset of this kind acne. Here are just some of them.

Hormonal Imbalance

One of the causes of the sudden outburst of adult cystic acne has been linked to a sudden change in the hormone balance of the body. This could perhaps explain why women undergoing menopause or who are pregnant are more likely to develop a sudden onset of adult cystic acne. During these periods, the body undergoes a drastic change in the level of hormones in the body. This sudden shifting of hormones may cause an accelerated increase of sebum in the pores, thus leading to the sudden onset of this type of acne.

Constant Pricking

Another possible cause for the sudden onset of adult cystic acne is the habitual pricking of blackheads and whiteheads, and minor cases of acne on the skin. Minor forms of acne can be rather annoying and depressing on the part of the person. In the hopes to rid themselves of the acne problem immediately, they tend to prick the acne forming on their face with their fingers. In reality, this causes more damage since pricking it would only allow bacteria to enter causing infection. If the infection is severe, it would eventually result to the sudden onset of adult cystic acne.


While many would recommend the use of exercise as a means to detoxify your body to release harmful toxins trapped in your body, exercise has been known to be another factor that can cause the sudden onset of adult cystic acne. This is because as you exercise, your body releases a variety of different hormones in the bloodstream.

The sudden shift of the hormones brought by too much exercise and the presence of toxins left on the skin brought about by sweat drying on your skin can also result to the sudden onset of adult cystic acne.

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